OWI Charge on Recreational Vehicles in Michigan

Question: Can I be charged with OWI on recreational or other types of vehicles in Michigan?

Answer: Other types of vehicles which are motorized, such as farm equipment, are also not included under the principle operating while intoxicated statute that covers primarily things like automobiles. Farm equipment is under a separate category if it’s being operated on a farm. Recreational vehicles are also under a different category, so if you are operating a snowmobile, for example, on a trail, you can’t be charged under the same statute as if you were operating an automobile on the road.

However, if you operate any of those vehicles that are self-propelled on a place that’s open to the general public, meaning for example, a roadway, then you can be found guilty of operating while intoxicated, just as if it was an automobile. So it depends in part on where it’s being operated and what type of vehicle it is, and whether or not it is capable of being propelled by itself. That will define what category of crime, if any, the violation would fall within.

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