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About the AuthorAttorney Patrick Barone is well-known and well respected throughout the legal community. As a professor, guest speaker and author he shares his knowledge of drunk-driving defense with lawyers and judges to help them better understand this complex area of law.

Should I Take My Drunk Driving Case to Trial or Just Plead Guilty?

Nov 1st, 2017 DUI Penalties OWI

If you are charged with drunk driving in Michigan, then at some point after your arraignment you will need to decide if you wish to plead guilty or stand trial. This is because all Michigan drunk driving crimes are classified as either...

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Proposed Amendments to Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act Add New Definitions

Oct 30th, 2017 Marijuana Laws

Recently, several House Bills have been passed in order to regulate medical marijuana in the state of Michigan. However, these bills are not absolute. Instead, they are subject to change as the state determines more effective ways to govern medical marijuana businesses...

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Ramsayer Gets Second Offense High Breath Test Drunk Driving Case Dismissed in Bloomfield Hills 48th District Court!

Oct 27th, 2017 OWI

Barone Defense Attorney Ryan Ramsayer recently handled a case in the 48th District Court and his representation resulted in the case being dismissed.  The reason for the dismissal was an unlawful traffic stop. The facts of this case are as follows: Client...

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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws Now Available

Oct 24th, 2017 Marijuana Laws

Soon, Michigan entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to apply for one of five commercial medical marijuana licenses.  This how-to book covers all the bases and will help those interested in applying get a jump-start on the competition. Written by some of Michigan’s...

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Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds Against Mug Shot Websites

Oct 10th, 2017 Criminal Penalties Law Enforcement

Late September, U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman in Chicago did not dismiss a novel class action lawsuit alleging that purposefully does not update or amend incorrect records which also gives incentives for those who are arrested to pay excessive fees...

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Michigan Opens Medical Marijuana Growing Business to Large Scale Operators

Oct 11th, 2017 Marijuana Laws

Michigan will let large marijuana growers apply for and obtain multiple licenses in a single location. Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs recently published an advisory bulletin that will allow a licensee to apply for multiple, or stacked, class C grow...

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Michigan Announces Required Medical Marihuana Testing Points

Oct 5th, 2017 Marijuana Laws

One of the goals of Michigan’s new medical marijuana laws was to increase product safety, and so, one of the five available commercial licenses are for compliance labs.  The law is not totally specific as to what the compliance labs will do,...

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When May I Lawfully Transport a Pistol in My Car?

Sep 12th, 2017 Criminal Penalties Gun Laws

If you have a CPL, then you may carry a loaded pistol inside the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle anytime you like.  However, if you do not have a CPL a whole different set of rules applies, and it is important...

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensees Must Obtain Business Insurance

Sep 11th, 2017 DUI Stops Marijuana Laws

If you are interested in obtaining one of Michigan’s five commercial Medical Marijuana licenses, then as part of the application process you will need to demonstrate that you have the financial ability to obtain and maintain adequate premises liability and casualty insurance...

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How Not to Obtain a Commercial Medical Marijuana Permit in Michigan!

May 31st, 2017 Marijuana Laws

Last year Michigan passed sweeping legislation ushering in the age of commercial medical marijuana.  There are five different kinds of commercial licenses available, including those needed to commercially grow, transport and sell marijuana.  The administrative rules have yet to be written, so...

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