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Michigan DUI Attorney

Question: How did you begin your career as a DUI attorney? Answer: As I said,...

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Michigan DUI Client Concerns

Question: What are DUI clients concerned about when they come to the Barone Defense Firm?...

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Michigan DUI Defense

Question: Why did you go into the area of DUI defense? Answer: A little bit...

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Michigan DUI Law Books

Question: Did you decide to write books on Michigan DUI law to help build your...

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Difference in Operations of Barone Defense Firm

Question: Do you think the way you work is showing people a different way of...

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Michigan DUI Law Firm

Question: How large is the Barone Defense Firm today? Answer: Right now we have six...

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Difference of Barone Defense Firm in Michigan

Question: What makes the Barone Defense Firm stand out from other defense firms? Answer: Well...

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Michigan DUI Payment Plans

Question: What payment plans does the Barone Defense Firm offer? Answer: We have a flat...

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Advice for Michigan Attorneys or Entrepreneurs

Question: What is your advice do you have for young attorneys or entrepreneurs? Answer: Well...

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Michigan DUI Service Areas We Cover

Question: What areas of Michigan does The Barone Defense Firm serve? Are you willing to...

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