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DUI Arrests

Arrested For Michigan OWI Not Feel Intoxicated

Question: Can I be arrested for OWI in Michigan even if I do not feel...

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First Thing To Do After Arrest For Michigan DUI

Question: What is the first thing a person should do after being arrested for DUI...

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Michigan Drunk Driving Stop Police Questions

Question: How should I respond if police ask me whether I’ve been drinking during a...

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Standards for Michigan Actual Physical Control Charge

Question: Do the keys have to be in the ignition for me to be charged...

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Miranda Rights Apply During Michigan OWI Arrest

Question: Do Miranda Rights apply during an OWI investigation or arrest in Michigan? If so,...

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Arrested for Sleeping It Off in a Car in Michigan

Question: Can a person be arrested for DUI in Michigan if he or she is...

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Keyless Ignition Impact on APC Case in Michigan

Question: How would a car with a keyless ignition affect an actual physical control case...

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Remain Silent or Respond During Michigan DWI Stop

Question: Is it better to politely answer all of a police officer’s questions or invoke...

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Michigan OWI Police Report & Discovery Process

Question: Do you review the police report as part of the discovery process in a...

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Non-Alcohol Causes of Intoxication in Michigan

Question: Can intoxication be caused by something other than alcohol? Answer: There are different types...

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