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The Court Process

Beginning Michigan Drunk Driving Case

Question: How do you begin when you receive a Michigan drunk driving case? Answer: Personally,...

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Expert Witnesses in OWI Cases in Michigan

Question: What is an expert witness? When is one needed in an OWI case in...

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First OWI Attended Court Date in Michigan

Question: What is the first court date a person will be expected to attend in...

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Judge and Prosecutor in Michigan OWI Case

Question: Who will the judge and prosecutor be in my Michigan OWI case? Answer: The...

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Length of Michigan OWI Court Process

Question: How long does the OWI court process take in Michigan? Answer: The OWI court...

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Michigan Drunk Driving Court Process

Question: What is the court process for a drunk driving charge in Michigan? Answer: Upon...

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Different Pleas Enterable in Michigan DUI Case

Question: Can you explain the different pleas a person can enter in a Michigan DUI...

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Pleading Guilty to an OWI in Michigan

Question: Is it ever a good idea to plead guilty to an OWI in Michigan?...

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Suppression of Evidence in Michigan

Question: What is suppression of evidence? How might this be accomplished in an OWI case...

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