Precentage of Michigan Cases That End Favorably

Question: What is the percentage of Barone Defense Firm cases that produced a favorable outcome for your Michigan clients to date or in the past year?

Answer: It would be a really tough thing to try to quantify, because, like I said in the last question, there’s a lot of different ways that clients see that their lives have been won back. So, favorable outcomes, if we were just to say trial wins or percentage of cases reduced or something like that, that may be easier to quantify than, sometimes the client, even after you may not have won at trial, will come back, you know, months and months later and say something was really important about that case and it made a big difference in that person’s life. So, I feel that most of our cases end up with a favorable outcome of clients that are pleased with what we’ve done for them, and I know that it’s not 100%, but I know that our goal is to get that way. But the, as far as the favorable outcomes, it’s very tough to say what is a favorable outcome, because it can vary so much from person to person. But it’s always the goal just to find out what does the client need and to try to do our best to meet that need.

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