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Barone to Present a Michigan State Bar OWI Seminar

May 22nd, 2017 DUI DUI Defense Barone to Present a Michigan State Bar OWI Seminar

Barone Defense Firm founding partner Patrick T. Barone has been asked to present at the upcoming Solo and Small Firm Drunk Driving Update.  This seminar, presented by the Michigan State Bar, will take place Thursday, May 22, 2017 from 6:00 – 8:00.  The location is at the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills campus.  Food and light refreshments will be served, including appetizers, beer, wine and soft drinks.  The cost is a very modest $20.00 for State Bar Solo and Small Firm section members, $25.00 for all others.  Law Students are free.

This seminar will cover the basic nuts and bolts involved in the representation of those alleged to have driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Topics to be covered include pretrial proceedings, driver Assessment and Appeals matters, including driver license restorations and implied consent matters and trial practice.  Patrick Barone will be presenting on the topic of trial skills.  Mr. Barone has tried 100’s of drunk driving cases and frequently lectures locally and nationally on advanced trial skills, including most recently this past March at the Advanced OWI Seminar in Columbus Ohio.

Hearing Officer Brian Longman with the Michigan Secretary of State is also among the panelists. Mr. Longman will be speaking about implied consent matters, including available defenses, and more generally, how to conduct such a hearing on behalf of a client who is alleged to have unreasonably refused a breath or blood test.

Colleen Tulloch-Brown is also on the panel.  Ms. Tullock-Brown is the administrative law manager of the Administrative Hearings Section, Legal Services Administration within the Department of State.  She will also be speaking on the topic of Secretary of State driver license issues, including those most often involved in a drunk driving case.

Space is limited for this excellent introductory seminar, and registration ends on Monday, May 22, 2017. However, a few seats will be available for walk-ins and late registrants.  Please contact the Michigan State Bar for more information.