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A Trump Induced DUI Charge and The Use of Driver Humiliation Tactics

Nov 17th, 2016 DUI Penalties OWI

A Lino Lakes Minnesota woman was arrested for drunk driving the night following the election, and to explain her crime said she was distraught over Trump winning the election.  She had crashed into two cars, and had a reported blood alcohol level of .33, or more than four times the legal limit!

After her arrest, the police made fun of the woman by sending out a tweet referencing her Trump election excuse saying “it didn’t work.”  A police Facebook post also referenced the Trump excuse.  Later, the driver said she was surprised that the police had behaved this way.

This is not so unlike the humiliation that was ordered by a judge in Texas.  In this case, a death had occurred, and the judge ordered the responsible party to wear a sign that said he killed the victim.  He was also ordered to keep a photo of the young lady in his living room.

In another example that happened in Troy, Michigan drunk drivers were ordered to place a bumper sticker on their car indicating “drunk driving you can’t afford it.”

In El Paso, the police department has a special place on their web-site where they post mug-shots of people recently arrested for drunk driving.

But it is not only the drunk drivers who are humiliated, MADD endorses humiliating judges that do not treat drunk drivers harshly enough.  In New Mexico, the government spent $800,000.00 to have “court watchers” sit in court to “monitor” how judges were handling the drunk driving cases appearing on their dockets.  Then, when something noteworthy happened, these court watchers would make it public by posting to twitter and Facebook.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in Michigan, then it is possible that you could face a sort of humiliation as well.  Many opportunist web sites make their living being paid to remove mug shots from their sites.  After you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, they get your photo via FOIA, then post it.  Then, you have to pay a site like to remove the mug shot.  While some states have outlawed this practice, many, including Michigan, have not.

*Photo Credit to Gage Skidmore