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How to Avoid Relying On Bogus Credentials When Searching for a Top Michigan DUI Lawyer

Sep 1st, 2016 DUI Defense

Seems like every time I turn around there is some new awesome distinction being offered to me.  Funny thing is, the same distinction is being offered to all of my colleagues, many of whom are anything but a top Michigan DUI Lawyer.

An international example of this is the ACQ Global Awards.  First, they sent me an email for being a category winner for Unites States DUI Defense Firm of the Year.   That’s pretty impressive, but then I get one for United State Niche Lawyer of the Year.  Wow!  Then again, it doesn’t give me a lot of confidence when they can’t seem to spell my last name or even the word “Firm” correctly.  Pretty cool to be number one in the whole United States though! It only costs a little under a grand to be listed in their digital book.

The latest incarnation of this scam is The American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys.  Top 10 Michigan DUI Lawyers. And here is an excerpt, and if you want to learn more about AI DUI/DWI Attorneys, read this blog entitled “How to Buy A Top Award.”



As a person arrested in Michigan for DUI, it must be a daunting task to determine who is and who is not actually a top Michigan DUI Lawyer.

So, how can you actually wade through the morass of deceit to find a top lawyer with real credentials? The best advice is to look at legitimate credentials; the tried and true credentials that have pretty much always signified distinction.

According to the American Bar Association, Martindale Hubble and their associated “AV” rating has long been the “gold standard” of legitimate peer ranking publications.  Others include Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America.

Aside from these publications, also, look for things like books authored, particularly from the best publishers like West, Lexis and James Publishing.

Often you can even confirm this by looking for an Amazon Authors page.  Next, determine if the candidate has held any teaching or faculty positions at a Law School or reputable Trial College.  Also, look for publications in leading law journals like the Michigan Bar Journal and the Champion Magazine.

Of course there is no substitute for a referral from someone you trust.  Though it may be embarrassing, reaching out for help, and for a recommendation, might just be the best thing you can do to help yourself find a top Michigan DUI lawyer.