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Keith Corbett Comments on Prosecution of Detroit Metro Gun Dealer

Oct 17th, 2019 OWI Keith Corbett Comments on Prosecution of Detroit Metro Gun Dealer

Keith Corbett of the Barone Defense Firm was recently interviewed by Channel Four reporter Kevin Dietz about the Federal Gun case involving Juan Eagle.  The video of the interview includes comments made by Mr. Corbett and can be viewed at the ClickonDetroit website.

According to the news report, Juan Eagle was purchasing guns “wherever he could find them” and then reselling them in locations including Metro Detroit.  Allegedly Mr. Eagle was on parole at the time, and was blatantly violating the law, even when traveling to Michigan to see his parole officer.  Mr. Corbett was asked for his comments on this case because of his expertise in the prosecution of Federal Crimes, including gun crimes, RICO, medical and billing fraud, and other white-collar criminal activity.

Having spent 30 plus years as a federal prosecutor but now in private practice, Mr. Corbett is a popular guest on various news programs due to his ability to see both sides of a case, from the perspective of a seasoned prosecutor but also the perspective of a successful defense lawyer.  Mr. Corbett also has a wry sense of humor but at the same time, he can look at the human side of things and offer a compassionate take on what may otherwise seem like a heinous crime.