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Michigan CPL Applications Likely to Reach One Million in 2018

May 4th, 2018 Gun Laws Michigan CPL Applications Likely to Reach One Million in 2018

The number of Michigan citizens with a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) continues to increase each year with 2018 on track to become a recording breaking year. As of April 2018, there are a total of 993,026 CPL holders in Michigan according to police CPL records.  The current pace of new applicants suggests that the number will exceed one million CPL holders later this year.

The number of Michigan CPL holders continues to increase year-over-year, and one reason is that Michigan became a CPL “shall-issue” state in 2001. Then, in 2015, Michigan County Clerk offices and the Michigan State Police became responsible for processing concealed weapon applications under Senate Bills 34 and 35 or Public Acts 3 and 4. This important change in Michigan’s CPL law did away with gun boards that included county sheriffs and prosecutors.  With this change Michigan became a true shall issue state because now all applicants are approved provided they meet the statutory guidelines. One final change in 2015 included a reduction in processing time. Under Michigan’s CPL law, applications are to be processed within 45 days and if the paperwork isn’t processed within the 45-day-period applicants can use their application receipts received by the clerk’s office as proof of certification.  However, applicants usually receive their CPLs in a much shorter time, often within a couple weeks.

Because Michigan is a shall issue state, provided an individual takes a one-day class, pays the application and fingerprint fee, and can pass a background check, they shall be given a CPL.  Once a valid CPL is obtained, it remains valid for five years, and the CPL holder can lawfully carry a concealed pistol anywhere not otherwise precluded by law.  These so-called gun free zones include such things as sports arenas, schools, courts, post offices, banks, places of worship, day care centers, etc.  The State is required to create an on-line CPL renewal process by October 2018.

One of the requirements for obtaining a CPL is that the applicant must attend a pistol safety training course.  These courses are available around the state, and some locations are busier than ever.  Trainers attribute the increase to the recent school shootings.  Also, the fact that some believe their second amendment rights are currently under assault.

The top five counties for total CPL holders are as follows:

  • Wayne: 186,794
  • Oakland: 125,835
  • Macomb: 92,609
  • Genesee: 48,667
  • Kent: 34,598

Combined in Michigan, more than 10% of the adult population currently have concealed weapons permits. Contrary to what opponents of the “shall issue” law claimed, even with such a well-armed populace, gun crime has not increased in Michigan, and Michigan CPL holders rarely use their guns in the commission of crime where the use or possession of a pistol is an element of the offense.