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Secret Method to Beat a Breath Test!

Sep 2nd, 2016 Breath Testing

There’s a secret the police don’t want you to know about breath testing.  A secret so good, that once you know it, you can beat a breath test every time.

But before you can understand why this secret works, it’s important to understand a little bit about breath testing, and the science behind how it’s supposed to work.

Breath testing is an indirect testing method, meaning a breath test machine tests your breath, and then guesses at how much alcohol is in your blood.  So, in order for breath testing to have any relevance, the breath alcohol must equal the blood alcohol.

According to the people who invented breath testing, the alcohol in deep lung air is at equilibrium with blood alcohol.  This means that a breath test machine must test this deep lung air in order for the results to have any meaning in court.

Because of this, in order to beat the breath test, all you need to do is replace this deep lung breath that is saturated with alcohol with air from the room containing no alcohol.  You can do this by hyperventilating.

Here’s a link to a video explaining all this: How to Beat a Breath Test

Of course, this only works if the current theory of breath testing, which is described above, is actually true.  There are other scientists, such as Dr. Michael Hlastala, who thinks this theory is wrong.  He has developed a new paradigm for breath testing.

Either way, you should know that before blowing into the machine the police officer will be observing you for at least 15 minutes.  If he/she catches you trying to hyperventilate, then you could be charged with a breath test refusal.  This could result in your actually losing your license for 12-24 months!

Thus, the best way to beat a breath test is to not take one in the first place – don’t drive drunk!

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