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At the Barone Defense Firm we are literally people helping people, and we’re all about the people we represent. Our mission to help them win back their lives, and the incredible team assembled at the Barone Defense Firm use best practices in both the business as well as the practice of law to accomplish this goal. This is why we are able to consistently obtain some of the best legal results for our clients, as well as provide fulfilling and financially rewarding careers for the entire team.

Our outstanding team of professionals includes some of the state’s best criminal defense lawyers who are supported inside and outside the courtroom by a superlative team of business executives, administrators and support personnel that is unsurpassed in the legal field.

The employee selection process at the Barone Defense Firm is both unique and intense. Our goal is to match your personality to your job description, and we endeavor to always be sure to provide the best match possible. This way we can assure that your job skills match your job duties; in other words, that you are in the right seat on the bus.

Think the Barone Defense Firm sounds like a great place to work? Send us an application and find out if there’s seat for you!