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Criminal Sexual Conduct

Prison Sentence on Criminal Sexual Conduct and Child Porn Case Drastically Reduced

In this case our client was facing 7 separate and very serious felonies. These included Ciminal Sexual Conduct in the 1st Degree (25 to Life), CSC 3rd Degree (15 years), Unlawful Imprisonment (15 years), Child Sexually Abusive Material (CSAM)(20 year), Use of Computer to Commit... Read More

Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct CSC Charges Dropped.

In this case, our client was initially charged with 3 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 3rd degree pursuant to Michigan Complied Laws Section 750.520d. The "victim’s" mother contacted the police to initiate the investigation and seek the felony charges.  The mother's allegations in this... Read More

2nd and 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conducted Charges Dropped.

In this case our client was being investigated by for both a Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 2nd Degree and CSC 4th Degree. The "victims" were two minor sons of their mother's boyfriend.  The mother and our client were in the midst of a difficult and... Read More

1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges Stopped.

In this case our client was being investigated for CSC 1st Degree.  25 year minimum. Shortly after being contacted by local detective regarding the allegations, this client retained Barone Defense Firm partner Michael Boyle. Previously, our client had already scheduled a polygraph with law enforcement,... Read More