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In the Matter of: R.W.

Court: DLAD Southfield
Charge: OWI

The police report in this case indicates that the reporting officer received a radio run to a particular Michigan Neighborhood (in the area or jurisdiction of the Novi District Court) because a resident had heard a crash. When the Oakland County Deputy Sheriff arrived he... Read More

People vs. R.B.

Court: Novi Michigan

Here our client was stopped for having an improper plate. Upon contact, the arresting officer noted a "strong odor of intoxicants". The driver was unable to properly recite the alphabet, and also could not properly count backwards. At this point the driver was asked to... Read More

People vs. M.J.B.

Charge: Implied Consent Violation
Court: DLAD Hearing in Southfield, Hearing Officer Merian

The client was arrested for OUIL after police stopped him for speeding, traveling eastbound in a northbound lane and crossing the center line. He refused the breath test and was also charged with a civil implied consent violation. We immediately filed an appeal of the... Read More