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Implied Consent Case Dismissed!

Implied Consent
Livonia Driver Assessment and Appeal Division

Client was charged with high BAC OWI and was separately charged with a violation of the implied consent law.  If found responsible for the implied consent violation, client’s license would be suspended for one year. The following is a description of the administrative law hearing... Read More

Second Offense High BAC Case Dismissed!

Charge: Second Offense High BAC Case
Court: 48th District Court

In this case, the police were responding to a BOL (be on the lookout) for a car that had just been in an accident.  The police arrived at the area where they thought they would find the responsible driver, and eventually our client was pulled... Read More

Oakland County Jury Acquits on UBAL Finding .16 Breath Test Unreliable.

Charge: Car Accident
Court: Oakland County

In this case our client was involved in a three car accident.  She misjudged the yellow light and accelerated into a left turn as the other two vehicles in front of her stopped.  This caused the car in front of her to crash into the... Read More

State of Michigan vs. S.W.

Charge: Felony OUIL, 3rd Offense
Court: 52-2 District Court, Clarkston

Police pulled the client over after he left a bar. The client admitted to drinking and did not perform well on the field sobriety tests. He was charged with OWIL and released. A felony warrant was then issued because officers believed he had two prior... Read More

State of Michigan vs. A. V.

Court: 39th Judicial District Court
Charge: Drunk driving

(From the client's perspective)  I contacted Mr. Patrick Barone after being arrested for my third drunk driving offense within seven years. The third charge carried a felony conviction and my concern prompted me to find the best defense attorney I could find. Previously, I had... Read More

People vs. R.C.P.

Court: 44th District Court Royal Oak, Michigan
Charge: Drink and drive

Client was stopped by Michigan State Trooper J. Huggins after leaving a bar in Royal Oak. The Trooper observed the subject vehicle (a motorcycle) speeding, and passing other cars. The passenger was observed swinging her hands in the air while riding on the rear. Upon... Read More

State of Michigan vs. B. W.

Charges: Two Separate OUIL Charges
Court: 42nd District Court New Baltimore, Michigan

The client retained our office after being arrested for an OUIL on March 10, 2001. The police report indicated that the subject vehicle was traveling at excessive speed, and crossing over the center line several times. After the stop, the arresting officer noticed "a lot... Read More

Huntington Woods vs. D. H.

Court: 45B District Court, Oak Park, Michigan
Charge: OUIL

This client retained our office after being denied a license in his home state (he moved away from Michigan several years ago). He was denied a license because he had two unresolved drunk driving case-wins pending in Michigan. The client's overall goal was to resolve... Read More

People vs. J. W.

Court: 43rd District Court – Ferndale
Charge: OUIL

Our client was observed traveling 54 mph in a 35 mph zone. According to the police report, "upon activating the over head the suspect immediately jerked his vehicle to the right lane almost striking a vehicle". The report further indicates that the driver/suspect fumbled through... Read More

People vs. M.W.

Court: Hopkins
Charge: OUIL

Hearing Officer Hopkins The Arresting Officer in this case testified that he responded to the scene of a property damage accident.  When he arrived, another Officer advised him that they were looking for the driver in the nearby field.  The suspect was later found in... Read More