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Criminal Evidence

Police Car Dash-Cam Video and DUI/OWI Cases

Aug 1st, 2018 PBarone

Most police agencies in Michigan use dash-cams to record citizen interactions. This means that if you’ve been arrested for DUI/OWI in Michigan, there is an excellent change that a dash-cam video exists. Every drunk driving arrest is different, and not every video...

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Is Michigan Forensic Lab’s Lack of Blind Testing Cause for Concern?

Mar 14th, 2018 PBarone

There are about 30,000 drunk driving arrests in Michigan each year, and of these, about 1/3 of them involve blood tests for alcohol or controlled substances.  All of these blood tests are performed at the Michigan State Police forensic lab. And the...

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Role of Defense Lawyers in the Mitigation of Collateral Consequences

Feb 13th, 2017 baronedefenew

Collateral consequences are the loss of rights a person suffers after being convicted of a crime.  They have previously been described as having the potential to cause “civil death.”  Such consequences are different from the punishments that might be imposed by a...

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Facebook Posting Admissible as Evidence in Michigan Criminal Case

Sep 16th, 2016 baronedefenew

According to the Michigan Court of Appeals, Facebook postings are admissible as evidence against a person accused of a crime in Michigan.  In a recent case involving assault with intent to commit murder, felony firearm and other charges, the prosecutor found and...

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