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Driver’s License Penalties

How to Prepare for Your Michigan Implied Consent Hearing

Oct 31st, 2018 PBarone

Michigan drivers suspected of intoxicated driving based on the consumption of alcohol, marijuana, or other intoxicating substances, must submit a breath, blood or urine sample upon the reasonable request of a peace officer.  A failure to provide such a sample will result...

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Criminal and Driver License Enhancement in Second Offense Drunk Driving Cases

Jul 18th, 2018 PBarone

If you have been charged with a second offense drunk driving case in Michigan, then you are probably wondering about how severely you will be punished.  The type of punishment will be based on both criminal enhancement and driver license enhancement.  Before...

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Michigan DUI/OWI Driver’s License Penalties

Jun 11th, 2018 PBarone

In a Michigan drunk driving case the driver license penalty will be based on the severity and nature of the offense, and your prior record.  These driver license penalties are not imposed by the judge. The driver license sanctions are imposed by...

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Find Michigan DUI Lawyer | Michigan Breath or Blood Test Refusals

Sep 2nd, 2016 baronedefenew

I refused the test, now what happens? Michigan’s implied consent law requires that you take a breath blood or urine test upon the lawful request of a police officer.  If you refuse, then you will be charged with an implied consent law...

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Ohio Imposes Driver License Sanctions after Michigan DUI Conviction


Many Ohio residents travel to Michigan for business or pleasure.  While in Michigan they are sometimes arrested for DUI.  A frequent question for these Ohio drivers looking at a Michigan DUI conviction is “what will happen to my Ohio driver license?  Like...

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Dealing with the Stress of Not Having a License

Sep 1st, 2016 baronedefenew

After nearly two decades of practice I have learned how much stress and anxiety is caused by not having a license.  This is especially true in Michigan where there is almost no viable public transportation. In Michigan, the law provides that when...

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