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DUI Test Refusal

Supreme Court to Rule: Can Unconscious Driver Consent to Blood Draw?

Jan 24th, 2019 PBarone

On January 11th the United States Supreme Court indicated that they would hear a case arising out of the state of Wisconsin involving the constitutionality of a warrantless blood draw from an unconscious person. The name of the case is Mitchell v....

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Can I Refuse Police Officer DUI/OWI Tests?

Jun 8th, 2018 PBarone

Yes, you can lawfully refuse police DUI/OWI tests without penalty. However, there are exceptions, and in some situations, it may not be in your best interest to refuse these tests.  Therefore, before you make this decision, you should discuss your options directly with a lawyer....

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When a Breath Test Refusal is not a Refusal

Sep 2nd, 2016 baronedefenew

How to Win the Michigan Implied Consent Hearing: It should be well know among DUI defense practitioners that there are three kinds of breath test refusals.  The first two are “machine-based” and include those that occur when the subject blows into the DataMaster...

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Find Michigan DUI Lawyer | Michigan Breath or Blood Test Refusals


I refused the test, now what happens? Michigan’s implied consent law requires that you take a breath blood or urine test upon the lawful request of a police officer.  If you refuse, then you will be charged with an implied consent law...

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Dealing with the Stress of Not Having a License

Sep 1st, 2016 baronedefenew

After nearly two decades of practice I have learned how much stress and anxiety is caused by not having a license.  This is especially true in Michigan where there is almost no viable public transportation. In Michigan, the law provides that when...

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