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Law Enforcement

Police Car Dash-Cam Video and DUI/OWI Cases

Aug 1st, 2018 PBarone

Most police agencies in Michigan use dash-cams to record citizen interactions. This means that if you’ve been arrested for DUI/OWI in Michigan, there is an excellent change that a dash-cam video exists. Every drunk driving arrest is different, and not every video...

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Detroit Cops Admonished by Federal Judge for Lying Under Oath

May 16th, 2018 PBarone

Any experienced criminal defense attorney, and any honest judge, will tell you that police lie under oath.  A lot.  In fact, lying under oath is so common that it’s been given a name “tesilying.”  This is such a common problem that a...

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Legality of Recording Police Officers in Michigan

Mar 31st, 2018 baronedefenew

Recent stories of police misconduct have led to many citizens recording police activity. They often do so to prove the police officer acted inappropriately. But is it legal? The short answer is yes, but it depends on where the conversation or activity...

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What are the Mandatory and Permissive Terms and Conditions of Probation in Michigan?

Mar 23rd, 2018 PBarone

When thinking about the mandatory terms and conditions of probation it’s important to first understand that, according to Michigan Compiled Laws, section 771.4, the granting of probation is a matter of grace.  In other words, probation is a privilege, not a right....

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Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds Against Mug Shot Websites

Oct 10th, 2017 baronedefenew

Late September, U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman in Chicago did not dismiss a novel class action lawsuit alleging that purposefully does not update or amend incorrect records which also gives incentives for those who are arrested to pay excessive fees...

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Should You Talk to the Police?

Sep 2nd, 2016 baronedefenew

In every case, the answer to this question is the same – it is an unqualified unequivocal NO! The way this issue usually comes up in my practice is when a client or potential client calls my office and says that they...

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Do Judges Bend Law to Favor Law Enforcement?


Our country was founded on the principle of limited government.  This means that police officers are supposed to be limited in their ability to do things like search your home, stop and frisk you on the street or even stop your car. ...

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