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Marijuana Laws

Michigan Recreational Marijuana Users Advised to Avoid Firearm Possession

Dec 10th, 2018 PBarone

Now that Michigan has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, many citizens want to know how they can possess and use recreational marijuana without running afoul of the law.  It will take many years for the legislators and courts to sort this...

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Can I Have a CPL and be a Medical or Recreational Marijuana User?

Nov 28th, 2018 PBarone

No, according to Federal law, you are not allowed to both use medical or recreational marijuana and have a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL).  This is due to a conflict in state and federal law. Michigan is not the only state facing...

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The Interplay Between Legalized Marijuana and Intoxicated Driving

Nov 7th, 2018 baronedefenew

Now that Michigan’s voters have approved the legal use of recreational marijuana, how will this impact Michigan’s laws against intoxicated driving?  The answer is - not very much. As of the date of this article, it is unlawful in Michigan to drive...

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Use of Legalized Marijuana While on Probation in Michigan


Now that Michigan’s voters have spoken, and we are now among a handful of states that allow the legalized use of marijuana, how will this change in the law impact the terms and conditions of probation?  The answer is, it depends on...

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Will Michigan Drug Conviction Cause a Driver’s License Suspension?

Sep 11th, 2018 PBarone

Convictions for many drug charges in Michigan will result in a suspension, restriction or even revocation of your driving privilege.  This is true even if you were not driving at the time of the offense.  The length, type, and severity of the...

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Can I Legally Use Marijuana in Canada then Drive Home to Michigan?

Jun 27th, 2018 PBarone

No. Using Marijuana lawfully in Canada puts you at risk of an intoxicated driving charge in Michigan. This is true even though Canada recently passed new federal laws effectively making it legal to possess and use marijuana.  Nevertheless, this new Canadian law...

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Michigan’s Position on Cannabidiol, CBD and Industrial Hemp Products

May 14th, 2018 PBarone

Michigan’s Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA), and the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) both contain a series of new laws that are subject to interpretation.  As medical marijuana licensing continues, LARA (Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) periodically issues opinions on...

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Is CBD Legal to Possess In Michigan?

May 12th, 2018 PBarone

Yes, CBD is legal to possess in Michigan if you are either a properly registered medical marijuana and purchase the CBD from a provisioning center.  However, if you do not have a medical marijuana card, then CBD is considered an illegal controlled...

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Drug Dealers in Michigan could be Held Criminally and Civilly Liable 

Jan 3rd, 2018 baronedefenew

Under federal law, all states can charge a drug dealer with causing the death of a person if the person they sold the drugs to experiences an overdose and dies as a result. But whether the individual states enforce that law and what...

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How Much Money Will I Need to Obtain a Commercial Michigan Medical Marijuana License?

Nov 9th, 2017 PBarone

You will need a minimum of $150,000.00 and as much as $500,000.00 of both liquid and non-liquid assets combined.  Many observers believe that these numbers are way too low, and this is because after obtaining a license, the licensee must then run...

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