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Clarkston Solicitation Lawyer

Solicitation and prostitution are classified as sexual offenses in the State of Michigan. You may lose family, friends, access to your children, and your job or career depending on the situation. With so much to lose, getting assistance from an experienced Clarkston solicitation lawyer may be advisable.

In many situations, miscommunication or police set-ups can result in unwarranted criminal charges. A tenacious criminal defense lawyer can advocate on your behalf and work toward a satisfactory resolution of the charges against you.

Understanding Solicitation Offenses

Solicitation occurs when individuals seek out or invite others to engage in sexual acts in exchange for payment. At least two people must be involved in the transaction whether it occurs in public or in private through a spoken conversation, gestures, written words, or any other means.

Misdemeanor Solicitation

Under Michigan Compiled laws  § 750.448, individuals can face misdemeanor charges for soliciting prostitution, which can result in a sentence of up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine. A second solicitation offense is still a misdemeanor charge, but this charge carries the potential for enhanced penalties for up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Felony Solicitation

If individuals accrue two or more convictions, however, they can be subject to felony charges, which can result in significant amounts of prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. Felony convictions could also result in the loss of some civil rights, including the right to possess a firearm.

Other Charges

Various other felony offenses related to prostitution and solicitation exist, including inducing others to engage in prostitution, pimping, transporting prostitutes, operating houses of prostitution or even sex crimes. In some situations, these offenses can result in up to 20 years in prison. Consulting a tenacious solicitation lawyer in Clarkston may be essential to avoiding these harsh repercussions, including the loss of freedom for substantial periods.

Law Enforcement Sting Operations

Many solicitation charges arise out of scenarios that police officers set up solely to incriminate individuals whom they believe to be soliciting prostitution. In many instances, female undercover officers will appear on streets often frequented by prostitutes and wait for men to proposition them. This scheme or sting results in many solicitation arrests.

More high-tech stings may involve placing advertisements on Facebook or other social media platforms advertising prostitution services. As law enforcement officers may wrongfully arrest some individuals in these situations, individuals may wish to work with an experienced solicitation attorney in Clarkston to build a solid defense in their cases.

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Legal counsel can examine the circumstances of your arrest and determine whether law enforcement authorities respected your rights throughout the process. A Clarkston solicitation lawyer could ensure that your rights are fully protected and help you avoid the consequences of a conviction.

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