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Grand Rapids Felony Assault Lawyer

Most people go through life never considering the reality of needing a felony assault lawyer. If they do, they certainly hope they will never need one. The reality is, however, everyone understands the impulse for violence. Everyone has said or done things they regret and has been in the wrong place at the wrong time at one point or another.

Sometimes, these circumstances, or a combination of them, can lead to felony assault charges. Though the situation may seem shocking, frightening, and out of control, one must not hesitate to act.

If you or a loved one is facing such charges in Grand Rapids, speak with a Grand Rapids felony assault lawyer as early as possible. An experienced assault attorney in Grand Rapids can help you regain some control of your life, even in these most difficult circumstances.

Elements of Felony Assault

It is natural to have questions when words like felony assault charge arise. The state of Michigan defines felonious assault as assault with a dangerous weapon.

Charges like this occur when someone attempts, or is accused of attempting, to cause bodily harm using a knife, gun, brass knuckles, club, or even seemingly innocuous everyday objects. Each case is unique, and it is best to enlist the help of a Grand Rapids felony assault attorney with a wide range of trial experience.

Collateral Consequences of a Conviction

According to Michigan Penal Code Section 750.82, the consequences for felony assault include imprisonment up to four years and/or a fine of up to $2,000. The consequences are even greater if the alleged assault takes place in a weapons free school zone.

In addition to a possible four-year sentence, anyone convicted of a felony assault in a Michigan weapons-free school zone may incur a fine of up to $6,000 and 150 hours of community service.

It is the hope and aim of an experienced Grand Rapids felony assault attorney that clients will be found innocent and receive no sentence at all. Regardless of any judge or jury’s decision, however, attorneys will work to ensure clients are treated fairly and receive the best outcome possible in each unique case.

The consequences for a felony assault conviction, of course, stretch far beyond Michigan’s penal system. They bleed into daily life. They affect people’s reputations, their ability to earn a living, and their relationships with friends and family.

By fighting for fair treatment and working to achieve a positive outcome, Grand Rapids felony assault lawyers will help reclaim the narrative of their clients’  lives so they may not only keep their freedom, but maintain and rebuild the relationships that matter most.

Contacting a Felony Assault Attorney

An attorney cannot overstate the many and far-reaching ways in which an assault conviction can impact your life. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to raise the strongest defense possible and ensure you are treated fairly under the law.

Working with an experienced felony assault attorney in Grand Rapids, one versed in local, state, and federal law, will help you do just that. Lawyers are proud to help clients who are ready to stand up for themselves and ensure that one poor decision or unfair accusation does not change the course of their lives.

If you are facing a felony assault charge in Grand Rapids, Michigan, contact a Grand Rapids felony assault lawyer today.