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Grand Rapids DUI Penalties

Michigan has numerous penalties for those are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). If you have recently found yourself in this situation, you should speak with a qualified defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your Grand Rapids DUI lawyer can explain Michigan DUI penalties and how they relate to your pending case.

Per Se DUI Penalties

During a DUI arrest, you may be asked to take a breath or blood test in order to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). Because of Michigan’s Implied Consent laws, which you agreed to when applying for your driver’s license, you may lose your driving privileges for up to a year for refusing to take a breath test.

In Michigan, drivers over the age of 21 with a BAC of .08% or higher are considered “per se” intoxicated, and may be charged with DUI. The Michigan DUI penalties for drunk driving include jail time, community service, fines, and probation. Michigan’s Zero Tolerance laws make it a crime for minors to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC of .02% or higher. The penalties for violating Zero Tolerance laws include community service and fines.

License Penalties

In Michigan, you face penalties from not only the criminal court but also the Department of Motor Vehicles. If your BAC is over the legal limit or you refuse to take the breath test, the DMV may automatically suspend or revoke your driver’s license. The penalty for a first offense is 90 days of suspension, one year for a second offense, and three years for a third offense.

In some cases, the judge may order you to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle as one of your Michigan DUI penalties. This small device measures your BAC before the vehicle can start. If your BAC is over a preset limit, the ignition will not start and the court or your probation officer maybe notified.

A DUI offender may also be sentenced to mandatory alcohol education and treatment. These programs are designed to help people with drinking problems and deter them from drinking and driving again in the future.

Contacting An Attorney

For more information regarding Michigan DUI penalties, and a free DUI case evaluation, contact The Barone DUI Defense Firm. Receive a complimentary copy of The Michigan DUI Book (A Citizen’s Handbook on Fighting a Michigan DUI Case) by submitting your case information online.