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Holland Credit Card Theft Lawyer

Credit card theft is closely related to credit card fraud. Credit card theft is having unauthorized possession of someone’s credit card, while credit card fraud is the use of the credit or debit card to obtain goods or services without the permission of the person whose name is on the card. With the emergence of e-commerce, these types of crimes are growing across the nation. Someone who is facing credit card theft charges could be facing several years in prison and expensive fines. This is why if you have been charged with using someone’s credit card without their authorization, you should contact a Holland credit card theft lawyer right away. An experienced attorney could advocate on your behalf and prepare the defense you need.

Defining Credit Card Theft

Credit card theft or fraud is the unlawful sale, use or possession of a credit card. That means a person has either sold or has possession of a credit card that is not theirs, which subjects the individual to significant potential criminal exposure. If the person has an account number, PIN number, or bank account number unauthorized, they could also be prosecuted.

Regarding credit card theft, it has to be established that the person has access to or the possession of someone else’s financial information and that they intend to misuse it or have already misused it. For example, it is legal for someone to have an elderly relative’s financial information to help them, but if the relative only wants the person to take out $50 and the person takes out $100, then that is fraud.

The prosecutor needs to prove that the person who used the card to get the services or the money was not, in fact, the person named on the card or the document and that they intended to unjustly enrich themselves at someone else’s expense.

Building a Strong Defense

The first thing a Holland credit card theft attorney might consider as part of the defense is restitution. If restitution is made, the aggrieved party is much less likely to want to proceed with prosecution, and the prosecutor has less inclination to go forward as well. Another possible defense emerges in cases where, for example, someone has permission from an elderly relative to use their credit card to pay their expenses, but the elderly relative thinks the person took too much money. There is a good possibility the defendant will not be charged if the defendant can establish they actually used the money for their relative’s benefit even though the relative may not have known or authorize the purchase.

Another example would be if someone’s mother asks them to use her credit card to buy food but pays the electric bill instead, then that person is unlikely to be charged.

Although they exceeded the scope of their authority, the money was used for a legitimate purpose and for the benefit of the person who had the authorization to use that account.

Contacting a Holland Credit Card Theft Attorney

If you are facing a credit card theft charge, obtain a Holland credit card theft lawyer who has the experience handling these types of cases. It is important that you have someone fighting by your side when you are up against such serious accusations. Call today to see how an accomplished attorney can assist you.