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Farmer Endorsement Michigan License DUI

In Michigan, you may qualify for an “F” or Farmer endorsement on your driver’s license if you operate agricultural vehicles or farm machinery such as tractors, plows, or harvesters. This endorsement allows farmers to operate heavy equipment and larger vehicles that are used in the course of farming without obtaining a full-blown commercial drivers license (CDL). However, if you are convicted of drunk or drugged driving, you could face license suspension or revocation, which would also jeopardize the “F” endorsement on your license.

Michigan Secretary of State

In Michigan, the office of the Secretary of State handles everything related to drivers licenses. Section 257.312f of the Michigan Vehicle Code says that the Secretary of State may deny an application for endorsement or cancel a current endorsement based on a license suspension or cancellation that is related to a drunk driving conviction.

Drunk Driving While Operating Farm Equipment

It is also important to note that you can be arrested and charged with drunk driving if you are found operating a tractor, plow, or other farm vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even if you are on private property  at the time of driving, law enforcement officials can stop you and conduct an investigation if they have reason to believe that you are driving while impaired or intoxicated.