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Construction Zone DUI in Michigan

Most first and second operating while intoxicated (OWI) charges are considered misdemeanors in Michigan. However, under certain circumstances, even a first-offense drunk driving charge may be considered a felony. For example, if you are charged with OWI after being involved in an accident that resulted in the death or serious injury of another person, you will be facing a felony.

Construction Zones and Hazardous Conditions

Every year, as the ice begins to thaw and winter passes into spring, Michigan drivers begin to see the orange barrels that signal the start of road construction season. Construction zones can be very hazardous for road workers, and speed limits are often reduced in these areas. Police monitor construction zones to ensure the safety of workers and law enforcement agents are on high alert for potential drunk drivers in these dangerous areas.

Causing injury or death to another person while driving impaired or intoxicated can elevate the charge to a felony. If convicted, you could face significant prison time and fines . The potential penalties increase even more if the victim was an emergency responder.