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Michigan DUI Law Firm Gives to Charity

The Barone Defense Firm has announced the creation of a charitable giving account that will allow the firm to expand its mission and donate to eligible non-profit organizations and charities.

The account was started with a $5,000 donation from the firm’s principal and founding member, Patrick Barone. The account will continue to grow through individual staff member donations as well as funding from firm profits.

“For the last few years, we’ve been talking about how we can reach more people, meaning how we can move outside the four walls of the Barone Defense Firm and into the broader community,” Mr. Barone said. “Not everyone can or will become a Barone Defense Firm client, so the question we asked was, ‘How could we help more people win back their lives?’

“Last year, we decided that the best way we for us to do that would be to broaden our firm’s mission by starting a charitable foundation. This way, we can partner with like-minded charities and institutions who in their own way help people win back their lives.”

The firm’s fundraising goal for 2016 is $25,000. Once the goal has been reached, firm members will collectively decide which charities and organizations would best benefit from the proceeds.

“Through this foundation, we are able to expand our mission from winning back our client’s lives to winning back people’s lives,” Mr. Barone said.