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Michigan Extortion Lawyer

If you have been charged with extortion in Michigan, it is important to work with an experienced fraud defense attorney who understands extortion laws and is familiar with the court system in your area.

An extortion conviction has the power to hurt your finances, reputation, and family life, as well as limit your freedom and career opportunities.

Michigan extortion lawyers take these cases very seriously and are committed to helping you put an extortion charge firmly in your past.

Defining Extortion

Extortion is very similar to blackmail. However, instead of threatening to disclose potentially humiliating or incriminating information for financial gain, extortion involves threatening violence—or using fear—in order to obtain money, property, favors, or to force a person to carry out an act.

According to Michigan Penal Code section 750.213, these threats can be either oral or written—including text messages, emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, etc.—and may involve a malicious threat to the person being extorted, their property, or any of their friends or family members.

A person could be charged with extortion even if no money actually exchanges hands. Likewise, an alleged victim’s consent to “pay up” does not mean extortion did not occur. As long as the threat of violence to the person or property exists, extortion charges can be brought.

An extortion lawyer in Michigan can investigate the details of their client’s case and determine whether or not it legally qualifies as extortion.

Examples of Extortion

Extortion can take many forms. For example, many people are familiar with the “protection” type of extortion that is carried out by organized crime groups and is dramatized in many movies and TV shows.

In this type of extortion, a criminal group demands payment from a business or person in exchange for “protection.” In other words, the payment will prevent something bad from happening to the business, person, or the person’s family.

Extortion can be much simpler than that, though. A threat to harm a person’s spouse or children if that person does not pay money or offer some service is considered extortion. Threatening to damage a vehicle if a person does not pay back a loan is also considered extortion.

Other allegations that may lead to the need of a Michigan extortion lawyer include:

  • Threatening to accuse someone of a crime they did not commit
  • Threatening to kidnap someone
  • Extortion by a public officer
  • Extortion that affects interstate or foreign commerce

Potential Penalties for Conviction

Extortion is considered a felony offense in Michigan. It is a felony in all 50 states and even has the potential to be charged as a federal crime under certain circumstances making it important that a Michigan extortion attorney is consulted.

When facing an extortion conviction, a person could be subject to penalties such as:

  • Up to 20 years in prison
  • A maximum of $10,000 in fines
  • Restitution and other fees
  • A probation period
  • A criminal record
  • Loss of government job

Working with a Michigan Extortion Lawyer

Protecting your rights and receiving a fair trial are of the utmost importance in an extortion case. Michigan extortion attorneys know just how much is at stake and are devoted to building a strong defense, keeping you well informed, and fighting to reduce your penalties or even have the charges dropped completely. Get the personal attention you deserve by contacting a skilled lawyer right away.