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Michigan Immigration Lawyer

The immigration process can be a confusing one, but with the help of a knowledgeable Michigan immigration lawyer, the path is a lot clearer.

Experienced in both personal and business immigration matters, a qualified immigration attorney should be confident and effective when handling issues involving both the United States Department of Homeland Security and the United States Department of State.

Retain the services of a skilled lawyer that can work towards a positive outcome for you.

Paths to Residency

People have been immigrating to the United States for more than a century. The American Dream holds a lot of promise for such people, which can make the challenges immigrants face quite surprising. There are two primary paths towards residency in the United States for immigrants: work sponsorship and family-based visas.

When businesses have a need for foreign workers to come live stateside, companies work with USCIS to get the required visas for their employees. They often require a specific skill set and education level to fulfill such positions. A Michigan immigration attorney can help facilitate the work-sponsored visa and help prospective employees navigate the sometimes confusing immigration process. For those foreign nationals who have family already living in the United States, a family-based visa is the way to go.

A skilled Michigan immigration lawyer can provide counsel to those who already have permanent residence in this country and need help bringing a family member over. An experienced attorney can also assist permanent residents who need to travel abroad for an extended period of time and ensure they do not lose their green card.

Family Immigration

Immediate relatives of immigrants are given preference over other candidates for immigration. In fact, unlike other candidates, there is no limit on the amount of immediate relatives of United States citizens who may become permanent residents in a given year.

Because of this, immediate relatives do not have to wait in line for a visa to become available. The term immediate relative includes:

  • Spouses of U.S. citizens
  • Children of U.S. citizens (so long as the child is 21 years of age or younger and unmarried)
  • Parents of U.S. citizens (so long as the citizen is 21 years of age or younger)

In certain circumstances, children who are born outside the U.S. to a citizen may automatically become a citizen themselves at the time of their birth.

Contact a Michigan Immigration Attorney

Immigrants are part of what makes America such a wonderful place. So much of this nation’s history is built on the backs of hard-working, honest immigrants. That is why a Michigan immigration lawyer strives to serve clients with that same tireless spirit.

Deciding to become an American citizen is an incredibly important step towards becoming a permanent resident in this country. If you or your family need guidance on your immigration status, call today.

It is important to contact a legal advocate who has both the knowledge and compassion necessary to prepare family-based and employment-based immigrant petitions on your behalf.