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Michigan Criminal Charges Affecting Immigration Status

Applying for immigration benefits is confusing and often overwhelming, but doing so with a criminal history can make the process even more difficult. Minor crimes committed years ago can hinder a person’s attempts to acquire immigrant benefits in the United States.

If you or someone you love has a criminal record and is trying to immigrate to the United States, call today. Seeking legal advice on this matter can mean the difference between staying in this country and being deported.

Do not let small convictions for things like shoplifting, drunk driving, or petty theft threaten your green card. Reach out to a competent immigration attorney who can help. A skilled lawyer can inform you of the Michigan criminal charges affecting immigration status and can work tirelessly to defend your case.

Criminal Records: A Hidden Threat

Most people do not realize the threat that an immigrant’s criminal record can pose to their chances of staying in the United States. It is important to contact a knowledgeable Michigan criminal immigration lawyer who will work hard to analyze the effect of such convictions on immigration records.

This is a complex task that requires a lawyer’s mind. Since even the smallest conviction can become an immigration deal-breaker, a lawyer will work tirelessly to understand how the crime fits into a person’s overall record.

Criminal Immigration Defense

An immigration lawyer will begin with helping the person understand how Michigan criminal charges can affect immigration status. If the person is facing charges presently, an immigration lawyer can work with them and their criminal defense attorney before they enter a plea.

The immigration lawyer can also provide suggestions and steps they can take to reduce their chances of deportation after the criminal case is over. Should the situation escalate, the immigration lawyer can also serve as the individual’s deportation defense attorney.

After a conviction in criminal court, many immigrants are forced to go to immigration court. Because of the conviction, the United States government will work hard to deport such immigrants. An attorney, however, can help fight deportation and potentially allow the immigrant to stay in this country.

Challenging a Judge’s Decision

Even if a person has already gone through immigration court and been ordered to be deported, a lawyer can help. With knowledge of immigration law and of the Michigan criminal charges affecting immigration status, a local immigration attorney can help a person challenge the judge’s decision.

Past convictions do not always lead to deportation. Immigration judges, like anyone else, are humans who can make mistakes. In addition, the law is not always as clear as it should be, leaving room for a Michigan immigration lawyer to argue for an appeal. The lawyer can help challenge the judge’s view of the criminal record and work to restore a legal immigrant status.

Talking to a Michigan Immigration Defense Attorney

No matter what lies in your past, a Michigan immigration lawyers is here to help. Compassionate and judgment-free, the lawyer will work diligently to understand the legal complexities surrounding your case.

It is better to be safe than sorry. With your future on the line, consulting with an attorney can give you the peace of mind you need to face your past. The law is constantly evolving and can be extremely complex and, at times, unclear. If you want to know more about Michigan criminal charges affecting immigration status, work with a qualified immigration attorney that can work to protect your rights, and your future.