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Michigan Deportation Defense Lawyer

The United States has been a melting pot of cultures for centuries, but confusing immigration laws in this country can complicate matters. The threat of deportation is a scary one, especially for families who are unfamiliar with the language and the legal rights they possess as immigrants to the United States.

Those facing deportation need to act fast if they want their rights protected. Contact a knowledgeable Michigan deportation defense lawyer to set up a confidential consultation today. A compassionate and capable attorney can work tirelessly to advocate on your behalf to seek relief from removal.

Understanding Deportation Removal Proceedings

Legal proceedings where a person is charged with being in the United States illegally are known as deportation removal proceedings. These charges are filed when a person enters the country illegally or when their visa expires and they do not leave the country. Deportation is possible in the following scenarios:

  • A person is an inadmissible alien
  • A person is violating the Immigration and Nationality Act or any other United States law
  • A person engaged in marriage fraud to gain entry into the country
  • A person failed to register or falsified documents when entering the United States
  • A person engaged in illegal voting
  • A person was involved in any activity that endangers public safety
  • A person encouraged or aided another to enter the country illegally

Though these are all occasions in which an immigrant may be deported, there is hope. With the help of a Michigan deportation defense lawyer, foreign nationals may be able to obtain the legal documents they need to stay in the country.

Deportation Relief Options

When a person is facing deportation, the following options are available to them:

  • Voluntary departure. A person may leave the United States independently and return to their home country without the stigma of the formal deportation process
  • Adjustment of status. An immigrant may seek long-term, legal residency by obtaining a green card. To qualify, the person must be eligible for permanent residency with an immigrant visa at the time of their application
  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services¬†(USCIS) grants protection for refugees and offers asylum for those who have experienced persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or social status
  • Deferred action. In some situations, USCIS may make adjustments to defer the removal of some immigrants. For example, children who arrive in the United States are sometimes not immediately deported
  • Cancellation of removal. Certain permanent and non-permanent immigrants may be eligible for the cancellation of their removal altogether. If they have not broken the law in and have resided in the United States for at least seven lawful years, their deportation may be canceled

Contact a Michigan Deportation Defense Attorney Today

If you or your family is facing potential deportation or removal from the country, contact a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of immigration law.

A Michigan deportation defense lawyer will carefully analyze the immigration issues you are facing and forge a path toward a realistic goal. By putting the needs and concerns of the client first, the lawyer will provide service that goes above and beyond.