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Michigan Hazing Lawyer

Hazing is a serious criminal offense that is often found on college campuses. In most schools, there are also codes of conduct regarding hazing, and could potentially lead to criminal charges. Experiences such as these could adversely affect your child’s college experience, and seeking immediate legal counsel could be the best way to deal with these issues. If you are a college student facing criminal hazing charges, a Michigan hazing lawyer may know the proper course of action to help build your case. If you are in need of immediate legal counsel as a result of hazing charges, contact a skillful student defense lawyer as soon as possible.

What Constitutes Hazing?

Under Michigan law, specifically MCL 750.411T, hazing is defined as an intentional, knowing, or reckless act by a person acting alone or acting with others that is directed against an individual and that the person knew or should have known endangers the physical health or safety of the individual. It is done for the purpose of pledging to be initiated into, affiliating with, participating in, holding office in, or maintaining membership in any organization.

Although hazing is generally thought of only in regards to fraternities and sororities, hazing can occur in a variety of circumstances, clubs, and organized campus activities. If there is a recognized organization, hazing can be accused, and charges can be brought both criminally and with sanctions taken under the individual student code of conduct in each school.

Common Activities That Are Considered As Campus Hazing

There are a multitude of activities that can be considered hazing. The following are a few of the more common types:

  • Physical brutality, such as whippings or beatings
  • Physical activity, such as deprivation or exposure to elements
  • Confinement to small spaces
  • Callisthenic exercises and pushups
  • Consumption of some product, such as being forced to consume large amounts of food or alcohol
  • Forcing a student to commit a crime or deface property

If a student is accused of participating in the aforementioned activities, a Michigan hazing lawyer could asses the facts of the case and defend them against these allegations.

How A Michigan Hazing Attorney Could Help in a Campus Hazing Case

With the advance of social media, the use of the internet, stories of hazing can spread like wildfire and the students who have allegedly conducted the hazing face the potential of harsh treatment from their university. Depending on the amount of damage to an alleged victim, the accused may incur jail time and a criminal record. Since many activities that are considered hazing are also criminal, it is imperative that a seasoned Michigan hazing lawyer could help provide the best possible outcome for the case.

An intelligent hazing attorney will make sure that the accused will have representation if there are ever any interviews, and make sure they understand the full ramifications of their actions. The proper legal counsel may know how to best defend against the allegations, and how to best prepare their case to try and avoid the various penalties that are available.