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Campus Offense Penalties in Michigan Student Defense Cases

Schools are in place so people can develop the important skills they need as they go through life. This is why conduct violations that occur on campus often result in a rehabilitation type of punishment. The school wants you to learn from your mistakes so that you can correct them and become a productive member of society. For more information regarding campus offense penalties in Michigan, contact an experienced attorney today.

Campus Violations

If there is some kind of action that is taking place that is criminal in nature, then that is going to change the aspect of the campus offense. This is different than a student violation of the university’s code of conduct. For example, there are times when students might want to get see their professors when it is late in the evening. Perhaps the student is not allowed to be in the building at the particular time. This could be a violation of student conduct, however, this is an act that could be more excusable and explainable. Because this is a minor offense of the student code, they may not have to face any consequences at all.

At the same time, there are cases when the students are trying to break into their professor’s office to try and change the grades. Other times, students break into computer labs in an effort to get onto university servers. Students also commit vandalism and destroy property, just because that is what students sometimes do. All these actions would be major violations and the student could face harsh consequences. The students could be charged with criminal crimes such as trespassing.

Catching the Offense

Part of the equation in campus offense penalties in Michigan is who is the one catching the students in the act. If a student is caught by university officials or university police force and reported, it might lead to a much different outcome than if they were caught by other students. The more the university involves themselves with a police force, the more likely it is that the offense is going to end up in the courts versus in front of a student panel or a hearing of university officials.

If an offender is caught by the university or local police, then there is an increased likelihood that the person is going to be facing criminal charges.

Student Conduct Violations Punishment

The systems in place to handle violations at universities are not derived to be punitive, but to be reformative. The school wants to make sure the student is learning from any mistake or decision they make so that they are able to become a better adult, a better citizen, and a better graduate.

In many cases, the student code of conduct the punishment is geared toward preventing the student from making the same mistake in the future. Some punishments that may be handed down can be telling a student to avoid a certain are, removing them from a certain class, counseling, or writing an essay about how to be a better person. More serious campus offense penalties in Michigan could involve the university punishing the student by expelling them or canceling out student aid.