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Michigan Carjacking Defense Strategies

The best strategy for defense in a Michigan carjacking case is defined by the specific facts and circumstances of the case. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to defending against carjacking charges in Michigan.

When taking on a new carjacking case, a Michigan carjacking lawyer will first review the details. They will develop their strategy based on the facts and circumstances they find in their review of what allegedly occurred, as well as the police investigation that may subsequently follow. Consult with an experienced lawyer to begin crafting a defense as soon as possible.

Initial Steps

After a person has been interviewed by their criminal defense lawyer, the law office will send discovery demands to the police and the prosecutor, who are obligated to provide the defense with everything they have in their case files.

All of the police reports and all of the evidence the prosecution possesses, including fingerprints and security camera footage, must be turned over to the criminal defense team. After the criminal lawyer has received it, they can begin developing their Michigan carjacking defense strategy.

Obtaining Evidence

A defense attorney representing a client charged with carjacking will want to obtain all the evidence and information the prosecutor has. If it is warranted under the circumstances, the defense may hire other professionals to assist them, which might include retired police officers who can assist them in investigating the case from a perspective other than the prosecutor’s.

The defense may also want to obtain information that the prosecutor does not have. In a carjacking case, there may be information available from the black box inside the car that the prosecutor has not downloaded. The lawyer may insist that they be able to download it themselves with permission of the court so that it can be reviewed. A thorough legal defense leaves no stone unturned, because even a small detail can lead to a big difference as the attorney begins to craft their Michigan carjacking defense strategy.

Role of a Lawyer

A lawyer’s job is to get the best possible result for their client, either by plea negotiations, keeping their charge from being brought in the first instance, or working with the prosecutor to present the case in a way that will convince the judge to issue a more favorable sentence following a conviction.

A person who has been charged with carjacking in Michigan should contact an experienced attorney as soon as they get out of jail or as soon as they have been arrested and/or interviewed by the police, whichever happens first. By retaining legal counsel early on, that person is giving their attorney more time to plan and execute a thorough carjacking Michigan defense strategy.

Being charged with a crime is always a very stressful event in any person’s life. Having a skilled lawyer with whom a person has a good working relationship can help mitigate that stress. A good lawyer can help support a person as they move through the court system, keeping them informed about the status of their case, and protecting their rights throughout the proceedings.