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Michigan Carjacking Penalties

Carjacking is one of the most serious crimes a person can be charged with, and unless the accused individual hires a skilled Michigan carjacking lawyer, they are placing themselves at the mercy of the court. Michigan prosecutors can be very aggressive when pushing for a carjacking conviction, and the courts are often not sympathetic to people accused of such a serious crime.

To prevent serious penalties, it is important that an individual charged with carjacking consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable carjacking attorney in Michigan can mount a defense to help minimize or dismiss any consequences associated with the charge.

Potential Consequences

Carjacking is considered a felony in Michigan, so the consequences for a conviction are very serious. In addition to fines and costs, a person convicted of carjacking potentially faces incarceration, as well as the perennial consequences that go along with having a felony on their criminal record, such as losing the right to vote or own a weapon.

Aggravating Factors

When a judge looks at a crime to determine the appropriate Michigan carjacking penalties, they will consider a potential range within which the amount of jail time should fall. If a person who has been convicted has previous convictions on their record, they are more likely to receive a sentence on the higher end of whatever that range might be.

Repeated convictions demonstrate to the court that the person cannot be trusted, or needs more punishment to keep them from continuing to commit crimes in the future.  An individual may also be charged as a habitual offender, and this can significantly increase the possible maximum jail time.

Reduced Sentencing Option

It is wise to hire a carjacking defense attorney who is familiar with the court trying the case because most prosecuting attorney’s offices have their own policies and procedures regarding charge reductions. A lawyer who is familiar with the court system and with the prosecutor’s office will understand how best to work with them to get their client the best possible reduction in terms of their carjacking penalties in Michigan.

There may also be different types of reduced sentence options that are specific to the court. In Michigan, there are different types of courts that are designed for reduced sentences, and a criminal defense lawyer representing a person charged with carjacking should determine if their client is eligible to participate in them.

In some cases, there are statutes that apply to a person’s case that can result in sentence referral. Sometimes charges to be taken on advisement are delayed, deferred, or dismissed on a later date. The range of carjacking penalties in Michigan that an individual may face should be best discussed with an experienced lawyer.

Benefit of an Attorney

If a person charged with carjacking does not hire a criminal defense lawyer, one will be appointed for them. Sometimes, a person gets a great court-appointed attorney, but they may get someone who is fresh out of law school and lacks the skill and knowledge that an experienced private criminal defense attorney can bring to the case.

By hiring a criminal defense attorney, a person can choose someone they work well with, who can help reduce any potential Michigan carjacking penalties, and who will be committed to their fighting for the best possible outcome.