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Defending Drinking Drivers Volume 1

Publisher: James Publishing – Published Date: 10/01/1986 – Hardcover Defending Drinking Drivers Volume 1

After a national search by the publisher, Mr. Barone was selected as the new author of this well-known and very well respected legal treatise. He has been the new author with the publication of the 2006 supplement. The work’s previous author, John A. Tarantino is known throughout the country as one of the nation’s true champion’s of the drunk driving accused.

This two-volume treatise provides expert advice to attorneys handling the defense of the drinking driver. Every phase of drunk-driving litigation is addressed including pretrials and motions, voir dire and jury selection, opening statements, cross-examination techniques and the presentation of the defense case and summation. Post-conviction matters are also addressed including sentencing.

A significant portion of the treatise covers the science of alcohol, including the absorption, distribution and elimination of alcohol in the human body. Breath and blood testing are also extensively covered.

This remarkable treatise extensively covers the tactics, motions, and national case law attorneys need to develop a winning strategy.