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The Compassionate Citizen Nomination

Do you know someone who has a giving heart for the needy? Who does so much for the needy or the marginalized yet expects nothing in return? We want to hear about them and honor one of these great community members with our Compassionate Citizen Nomination! Describe someone you know who donates their time selflessly helping others in their local area and why they deserve to win $250 gift card! 

Perhaps your friend or family member is a volunteer firefighter or works at the local soup kitchen and homeless shelter, visits the sick or elderly in nursing homes, the disenfranchised in our prisons, or our PTSD veterans?  Maybe they run an organization that raises money or awareness for a certain group in need. There are many ways to help others, and we’re excited to read your stories about that special someone you know!

Please fill out the nomination form below with as much detail as necessary about your friend or family member. Multiple examples and personal stories about different places of involvement are encouraged. Thank you for your interest in the compassionate citizen nomination!

The nomination form will be open until midnight on May 31, 2020, so fill out the form today!

Nomination Form