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Appearing in Court for Michigan OWI

Question: How will I know when I am supposed to appear in court during my Michigan OWI case?

Answer: One of the things that you do when you hire an attorney is you have a representative that’s there to help you. We always want our clients to understand where and when they are going to be at court. Many times, the court is going to give someone paperwork. That paperwork will have a date and a time to appear. However, we always send out additional paperwork to indicate to people the same thing because we don’t want anybody to miss one of their court dates. It is very important in this process that people show up when and where they’re supposed to because things like bond conditions can be violated that can cost our clients money and possibly their freedom if they don’t show up at the appropriate time. So we always want to make sure that they know when they hire us that if they ever have a question about where and when to go, not only should we have sent them out that information, but they can always call us at anytime and we can get that information to them immediately. It’s always on our calendars and it’s always available for our clients so they will always know when and where they need to be.