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Why Barone Opened a Drunk Driving Defense Firm

Question: What made you want to open your own drunk driving defense firm in Michigan?

Answer: I wanted to be a surgeon, so I embarked on a pre-med degree. In my junior year, I started reading a lot about philosophy and government, and this ultimately led to my interest in law. After completing my medical degree, I applied to law school, and in my final year of law school, as I started to think about actual legal careers, I was looking for a way to combine both my training and knowledge and education in science as well as the law. While I was in law school, I worked for a circuit court judge, and as a law student working for the judge, I observed dozens of felony trials, criminal felony trials, and as a young law student I was always intrigued by the criminal law, but I didn’t think I could make a living that way.

So I decided to work for a law firm handling medical malpractice cases instead. And then after about a year with that firm, I made the decision to go out on my own, and my first interest was criminal law. So I started handling criminal felony appointments, and I also picked up a few DUI cases. After handling those cases, I quickly realized that my background in science and my pre-med education was very applicable to drunk driving cases, because they always involve things like breath and blood testing as well as scientific concepts like the metabolism of alcohol. I knew this was the right fit so I decided to specialize in just drunk driving cases. In the early years, I never really thought about opening my own law firm. I was just trying to get by. But as my reputation grew, so did my caseload, and this meant hiring both support staff as well as associate lawyers. And the firm has grown ever since.