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How Corbett Uses Legal Abilities Outside of Court

Question: How do you use your legal gifts and abilities outside of court to better society?

Answer: As I said, I’ve been practicing law for a long time, so I have tried to do things to help the community in general. I’ve done volunteer work, I’ve done legal aid work, and I’ve taught at a couple of law schools as a guest lecturer on a couple of occasions to try to advise people of the—particularly in the terms of prosecutors—of the fact that they hold people’s lives in their hands. And if they don’t try to approach the job not only  looking at the law, but looking at the individuals that they’re dealing with, then they’re not really doing their job.

Because ultimately, it’s the protection of society. But it’s also the protection of each individual. That should be an issue that they are comfortable dealing with. And if they’re not willing to look at each case on an individual basis, they’re not doing their jobs. And I’ve tried to deal with other lawyers in an educational format and advised them of the responsibilities that they hold.