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Cost of DUI in Michigan

Question: How much is a Michigan DUI going to cost me?

Answer: That’s a very specific question as well. The problem when we talk about cost of a drunk driving is that we have to look at lifetime impact, and there are many things that are unknowable initially. It is very important that you deal with somebody who can understand how things will impact their life, not only today but also many years from now. When you have somebody who has dealt with drunk driving, and exclusively drunk driving, over the course of many, many years, you have a firm that has a great knowledge base of how even years later a drunk driving can impact someone’s ability to find employment, to get loans, to get security clearances, or even be licensed in their particular field.

As far as specific costs, we have a variety of attorney levels at our firm, all of which are a flat fee. Each individual attorney level depends on the length of time in practice, the experience level of each attorney, and each attorney’s level of training. Whenever somebody contacts our firm, we want to make sure that they understand that they need to pick an attorney that’s going to represent them exactly the way they want to be represented, but we want to always provide people options and choices to determine for themselves what level that is.