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What Makes Boyle Passionate About Michigan Clients

Question: What makes you passionate about practicing law and defending clients in Michigan

Answer: To obtain a law degree and pass the bar, just to get a license to practice law is a journey of persistence and dedication. I remember the day I was sworn into the bar in a Muskegon courtroom surrounded by my family, my parents, my oldest friend, sponsored by a lawyer I’ve known most of my life, before a judge I’ve known most of my life, and it was the pride and the joy on all their faces that made me realize how special this was. This was an accomplishment, because of the study of law. But what would the practice of law hold for me?

And my first job was what I thought I wanted to do— it was at a big firm in Detroit. But I soon realized that I needed to work with people and for people, not big entities and corporations and insurance companies. I needed it to be personal. And over a decade ago I was lucky enough to find my fit with Patrick Barone and practice DUI and OWI defense. This area of law is certainly one of the most challenging and complex, but it’s very personal to me. Every client I represent I treat how I would want to be represented in their shoes. I become part of their lives in the time that their life is likely the worst it’s ever been, and together we take that journey.

My training in law and science arms me with the ability to properly educate my client, the prosecutors, the judges. But who I am as a person allows me to connect and truly help the person. And that, to me, is what it’s all about.