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Brian Corby’s Role at Michigan Barone Defense Firm

Question: What is your role at Barone Defense Firm? Answer: I am the chief operating...

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Faculty Member of the Thomas Cooley Law School

Question: Can you discuss your role as a faculty member of the Thomas Cooley Law...

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Convicted of DUI and Jail Time

Question: Will I go to jail for a conviction DUI in Michigan? Answer: Whether jail...

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Having a Michigan OWI Conviction Expunged

Question: Is it possible to have an OWI conviction expunged from my record in Michigan?...

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Job Loss and Michigan DUI Conviction

Question: Will I lose my job after a DUI conviction in Michigan? Answer: That is...

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Michigan DUI and Driving Record Points

Question: How many points go on a person’s driving record for a drunk driving conviction...

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Tickets Received After Charged with Michigan DUI

Question: What type of ticket or tickets will a person receive after being charged with...

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Appealing a Drunk Driving Conviction in Michigan

Question: Can I appeal a drunk driving conviction in Michigan? Answer: Yes. In cases that...

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Ignition Interlock Device in Michigan

Question: What is an ignition interlock device? When would someone be required to have one...

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Michigan Drunk Driving School

Question: Do you recommend that people attend drunk driving school or risk reduction class prior...

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