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How To Be Proactive in Michigan DUI Case

Question: What are some things that I can do to be proactive about my pending Michigan drunk driving case?

Answer: One of the most important things that I would recommend is to get a substance abuse evaluation early on after being charged with or being arrested for operating while intoxicated. The reason being that a professional would be in a much better position to determine whether there might be any substance abuse issues that would be something to explore or to treat. And we represent a lot of clients who have no problems at all with alcohol, and some that have significant problems with alcohol. And you know, it’s much better than having your attorney make that call to have a licensed professional make that decision and to give recommendations as to what can be done. And that allows a person to be very proactive about what’s recommended in the substance abuse evaluation.

Sometimes there’s a recommendation for alcohol education to make sure people know how much time needs to pass after consuming a certain amount of alcohol for their body type and weight. Other times, it’s much more intensive. It could be outpatient treatment or could be even in-patient treatment, residential treatment. So there’s a whole spectrum of different options out there for people, but they’re not going to know what to do next if they don’t have someone give them good recommendations that would be helpful to them. It’s not right for somebody to go check themselves into in-patient, you know, if it’s the first time they’ve ever consumed alcohol and they’re, you know, not even 18 years old and they had too much that time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re always going to abuse for the rest of their life. They may just not have known the effects that time. Likewise, alcohol education is probably not going to help someone who needs much more than that. So that’s the first step I always recommend to my clients going forward.