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Saving Driver’s License after Michigan OWI

Question: Is there a way to save my driver’s license after an OWI arrest in Michigan?

Answer: Drunk driving in the state of Michigan does not need to cost anybody their license. However, depending on what the final resolution to the case is, it can— at least in a limited manner. It is very important to understand that the driving penalty follows the final charge that is either pled or that someone is found guilty of. If it is a full drunk driving charge, it can include a period of hard suspension during which no driving is available, and a period of restricted driving during which somebody would be limited in their ability to go to certain locations. Unfortunately, the only way to change these driving sanctions is to change the offer. That is why it is very important to make sure your attorney understands what your goals are in regards to driving so that they can be in the best position to get you an offer that does not implicate a negative driving sanction. Further, it’s important that you are fully informed of all of the potential driving sanctions so that you can be prepared if any driving sanction is required, and you can be prepared to make decisions based in a fully-informed environment.