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Michigan Criminal Lawyer

For many people, there is nothing more frightening and possibly life-altering than learning that they are the target of a criminal investigation or charge. This is because criminal convictions have the ability to produce a wide array of negative effects, both now and also well into the future.

In our criminal justice system, there are two categories of crimes: state and federal. The majority of crimes are written under state law. It is becoming increasingly common for people to be indicted under federal law. Examples of federal crimes that are being written more frequently are those involving financial fraud, such as medical billing fraud, prescription fraud and the like.

All federal and state crimes carry the possibility of jail time. However, on top of potentially lengthy prison terms, expensive monetary fines, restitution requirements, periods of probation, and other consequences, a conviction can lead to employment difficulties, loss of professional and other licenses, adverse immigration decisions, familial disruptions, and more.

Considering the upheaval and trauma a criminal charge, let alone a conviction can have on individuals and their loved ones, it is crucial that accused parties have an aggressive legal advocate on their side in the form of a Michigan criminal lawyer.

When so much is at stake, a Michigan criminal attorney can be an essential ally in helping their clients understand the charges at issue, the applicable penalties and the defense strategies best suited to secure an acquittal or at the very least mitigate the sanctions ultimately imposed.

Types of Criminal Offenses

State crimes are generally classified at the state level as either misdemeanors or felonies. State crimes are prosecuted at either district or circuit courts by state judges and county or municipal prosecutors. On the other hand, federal crimes are prosecuted by US District Attorneys in federal courts and are based on alleged violations of federal laws. Federal crimes are punished according to sentencing guidelines that place crimes into classes of severity based on the possible punishments imposed. Generally speaking, federal crimes are those set forth in Title 18 and Title 26 of the United States Code.

At the state crime level, Michigan clearly delineates between crimes considered to be relatively minor in nature and those which necessarily carry more severe punishments. Mich. Comp. Laws § 761.1 elucidates the relevant classifications and the potential sanctions they bring.

Because criminal offenses can have state and/or federal prosecutorial involvement, it is wise for defendants to educate themselves as fully as possible about the fight that lies ahead and consult with a Michigan criminal lawyer.

In Michigan, a misdemeanor conviction brings less severe consequences than those stemming from a felony. The latter class of offenses can yield punishments ranging from one-year imprisonment to several decades or even a life term.

Of course, these extremely general categories have numerous degrees of distinctions within them, depending on the sort of criminal acts alleged, and anyone accused of a federal or state crime in Michigan owes it to themselves and their family members to pursue all available avenues of defense with the assistance of a criminal attorney in Michigan.

Mission of Barone Defense Firm


Through his impressive legal record, experience teaching, and published books Michigan criminal lawyer Patrick Barone has cemented his status as one of the most well-known and respected attorneys in all of Michigan.

Mr. Barone has authored and co-authored a number of books on the topic of DUI and criminal charges including those on the topic of DUI vehicular homicide, witness preparation for DUI proceedings, and the legality of search and seizures in DUI cases. In addition to his published books, Mr. Barone has also written a number of articles that have been picked up in some of the Nation’s top legal periodicals.

Along with being a published author, Patrick Barone has also been named as one of America’s Best Lawyers by US News & World Report and has enjoyed a perfect rating on client and peer legal review site AVVO. Mr. Barone was also awarded an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell which is the highest achievable in the legal field.

Barone Winning Back Lives Foundation

Barone Defense Firm CharityFirst formed in 2014 by Patrick T. Barone, the Barone Winning Back Lives Foundation seeks to help individuals win back their lives by battling addiction and mental health issues. The goal of our foundation is to help individuals beyond the courtroom address the underlying issues that may cause them to end up in the legal justice system.

The Winning Back Lives Foundation seeks to accomplish these goals by funding charitable organizations with similar missions through a portion of the Barone Defense Firm’s profits, private contributions, and all the proceeds from Barone’s newest book Entrepreneurs Guide to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws.

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