Why Barone Defense Firm’s Fees Are Higher

Question: Why are your firm’s fees higher than some other Michigan firms in the same area of law?

Answer: Well, we know that every case is going to involve a lot of work. And, instead of kind of dangling a low price that really doesn’t show much work and then having additional bills come down the road when we actually do the work that we probably should have been doing from the beginning, we just say, “Look, we know we’re going to want to order all the discovery in the case. We know the client might want to go to trial. We know that we might want to do motions in the case if they’re available, if the facts are good for that.” And so, rather than piecemealing it all together, we have a fee that is higher than lots of firms. But, we know that the work needs to be done, and we know our commitment to making sure that we get our clients the best result, and so that’s why it’s higher than a lot of other firms. I don’t know if we’re the highest or one of the higher ones or what; I know that, as far as the value and goes and things, that we want to put as much time into the case as we can, to get to know the client well, so that that way they feel like somebody’s been listening to them, and it makes a difference in the case when the client doesn’t have to look at the clock and think, “Oh, no, I’ve got another billable hour coming at me.” They know they can talk to me as long as they want—there’s no meter running.

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