What Makes The Barone Defense Firm a Better Choice

Question: I’m on the fence about hiring Barone Defense Firm and another Michigan law firm; what makes your firm a better choice?

Answer: I think the team that we have at our firm is special, and that our clients can feel that—that there’s not just the assigned attorney that’s going to be the person that they get to know the best. They’re also going to get to know probably some of our support staff in the case, and that we can cover a lot of different aspects of their lives because we’re not just focused on only the legal issues. Because, in drunk driving cases, sometimes the collateral consequences are much larger than even what you might be punished from a judge for the straight up legal consequences. So we look at all those things, and our office looks at the best place for someone to maybe get a substance abuse evaluation done, and where can we go do follow-up treatment. We work together and share those ideas together so you’re not just dealing with my cases and my experience, but you know, seven attorneys’ and all of our staff’s combined experience. So, you add all that together, and we have so much information about the judges around the state, probation departments around the state, substance abuse evaluation locations around the state—we have so much knowledge as a combined unit that we can give to our clients, I think that really helps. And the fact also that we really care, I think that makes a big difference, and that we’re invested in what our clients are doing in their lives.

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