What Makes Kathleen Fink Passionate About Law

Question: What makes you passionate about practicing law/defending clients in Michigan?

Answer: I got into law by accident, actually. I was in college and I took a women in the law class, and found that I really enjoyed it. I had a passion for the subject matter, I liked it, and I was good a t it. So that prompted me to change my career path in college and from then on I’ve been practicing law in one form or another.

Practicing DUI/OWI defense specifically is fairly new for me, but working with this team that has a great deal of experience has made me feel comfortable. I’m passionate about practicing law and defending clients, this just happens to be a new area for me. Working as the first attorney that clients speak to when they call in gives me an opportunity to really share a lot of the skills and tools that I’ve developed outside of practicing law and helping comfort people and give them empathy, so that’s really what drives me, is the passion about helping people in the defense of their DUI charge.

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